jueves, octubre 29, 2009

Nude in Red

This Nude, is a original analogic image in black and white. Captured by Canon EOS, lens 55mm.,f. 4.0, in 1985, with cenital ligth, Par 38. I was use Agfa 400. Digitalized and modifiqued, some colours. This female nude, search a just like a scultoric image, where skin play like a more raw material, stone and glass.

Carlos Carvajal

This song, was created a few years ago,sept. at 2001, in Nov. at 2008, I'was recording, several tracks, in Chile. In this oportunity, send this music, via web, to Colombia, like a vocal performance. Now, I was made a recreation, of this tracks, for this blog.

In this song, Carvajal plays: Sax, Clavicord, Grand Piano, Metal Flute, French Horn. Recorded, Mastered and Mixing: Oct. at 2009, in Santiago Of Chile, in my home studio.

Carlos Carvajal

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